Near-Record Takeouts From Florida Residual Insurer

Private insurers have offered to take 184,000 policies from Citizens’ Property Insurance.

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Auto Insurance Premiums Rise 17% in H1

Car insurance premiums are skyrocketing primarily due to rising auto parts costs and extreme weather, according to a report.

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No Duty to Defend Doesn’t Mean No Duty to Indemnify

A federal appeals court has clarified when an insurer has a duty to indemnify under Texas law.

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Insurance Top Gainers/Losers

Company Symbol Close 1 Day Chg
Tiptree Inc.TIPT$15.93up+7.56%
CNA Financial CorporationCNA$43.10up+7.05%
United Insurance Holdings Corp.UIHC$5.45up+6.65%
Root, Inc.ROOT$10.98up+6.29%
The Allstate CorporationALL$111.36up+4.55%
Company Symbol Close 1 Day Chg
Lemonade, Inc.LMND$17.31down-21.57%
American Financial Group, Inc.AFG$112.75down-8.15%
Palomar Holdings, Inc.PLMR$57.76down-3.73%
Hagerty, Inc.HGTY$8.28down-3.50%
Hippo Holdings Inc.HIPO$16.39down-3.19%
* As of August 3, 2023; Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

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