Nebraska’s Ellerbrock-Norris Unveils Brand Refresh

August 14, 2023

Ellerbrock-Norris is a holistic risk management firm headquartered in Nebraska, recently unveiled a brand refresh complete with the new tagline of “Protect Your Purpose.”

The company partners with businesses to help them identify and solve for risks, from insurance to safety programs, employee benefits, financial planning, exit planning and beyond.

“Over the past 15 years, we transitioned from what was primarily an insurance agency to a holistic risk management firm,” said Andy Bassett, CEO of Ellerbrock-Norris. “Risk is much more than insurance. You need to consider the business and the people in it, their lives at home and their future retirement. We needed our brand to be reflective of that and tell a singular story.”

Ellerbrock-Norris has been independently owned and operated since 1906, when it was founded in Hastings, Nebraska. Today, the company has four offices – Omaha, Hastings, Kearney and Lincoln.

“We serve some amazing businesses, most of which are blue collar and independently owned,” said Cameron Carlow, Chief Marketing Officer at Ellerbrock-Norris. “For an owner, that business is a huge part of their life. It drives them, it provides for them, and it’s usually a large portion of their retirement plan. We wanted to be clear that we are here to help them protect their livelihood – their business, their life outside of the business, and their future retirement.”

In addition to the new messaging, all employees at the company received a Yeti tumbler with the new tagline, along with any clothing item of their choosing from the company’s internal store. All 60 employees will also receive free lunch for the month of September to celebrate the brand refresh and help as kids are headed back to school.

“Whenever we make any decision in the company, it’s with our people in mind, first and foremost,” Bassett said. “We want every person on our team to be a brand ambassador. Our goal is for them to want to take pride in where they work because they genuinely love being on this team.”

Source: Ellerbrock-Norris

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